Until the Sun Goes Out


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released November 10, 2011



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LANCE HERRING Orlando, Florida

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Track Name: There's Something Breaking Out
I can hear the sound
As the weapons hit the ground

And the people rise
With the love that they have found

And on the darkest night
I can see it, I can see it
I can hear the sound

There's something breaking out
It’s more than a feeling

It's shaking the ground
every nation can feel it

Walls are coming down
This kingdom is falling

Now I can finally see the light of day
And I can feel the sunshine on my face

My heart is breaking now
For the life that was laid down

This prisoner of fear
Fighting to break free

And when the shackles break

It’s the sound of
Track Name: Until the Sun Goes Out
Until the Sun Goes Out

Verse 1
The stars have nothing on you
You outshine the brightness of the moon
There is no one as far as the eye can see
That compares to your beauty
That compares to your beauty

I will wait till the sun goes out
I will wait till the world stops spinnin’ around
If only I could be with You

Verse 2
The universe could never hold this love
It’s more than what I could ever see or touch
And no amount of treasures could replace
The moment when I see your face
Oh I just can’t wait to see you face

You’re everything I want and more
You’re what my heart is longing for
I am yours… now and forever
Track Name: I'll Never Know
I’ll Never Know

I never thought that I could be
As beautiful as You see me
How much Your love it over-flows,

I’ll never know

I’ll never know the price you paid
So I could finally see Your face
The veil was torn in two that day

You make my heart alive
You make these dead bones rise
You take me in though I’m broken
Human inside

So innocent but still you came
To bleed and wash my sins away
How much Your love it overflows
I’ll never know

And when the final trumpet sounds
And wedding bells are all around
I’ll rise and see You face to face

(Rock that G#m!!)
Track Name: This Apathy
Verse 1
Look in the eyes of a broken man
tell me he’s not broken, man.
Not a broken man

And I’ll tell you, look in the mirror friend
You’ll find a broken man
Staring back at you

Verse 2
Look in the heart of a desperate man
And tell me that his dreams
Are not like yours

And I’ll tell you that moon is make believe
It’s all smoke and fairy tales
It’s nothing like you see

We won’t believe what… we cannot see
This blindness… is killing me

This apathy is… the death of me
Open up, our eyes too see

(Rock that slide-guitar solo!!)
Track Name: Overtake this Place
Vs 1
I feel your wind, movin’ in
I feel your breath touch my skin

I feel this fear, it fools at best
But I feel your love inside my chest

I wont back down
I’ll move this ground
I wont stop until I see, your love
Overtake this place

Vs. 2
I see your mercy all across this land
As you slip your heart, inside my hand

I see pain, in every place
But I see your bride in every face

It’s your love, that brings the dead to life
It’s your love, that gives the blind man sight
It’s your love, that gives me peace at night
It’s your love, that makes these dry bones rise
Track Name: Son of a Rich Man
Vs. 1
I’m caught in the middle of a rainstorm
Soaked to the bone with my clothes on
I’m caught in the middle of a rainstorm, all alone

Lost in a desert full of dry bones
My skin’s all cracked and my heart’s gone
Lost in desert full dry bones, all alone

I hear you calling my name
Come on home
My son, I love you the same
Come on home

Vs. 2
I was the son of a rich man
I was born in a bed that was golden
I was the son of a rich man
Long ago

Had it all but I still wanted more than
Had it all but I screwed up and lost it
Had it all but I still wanted more than, any other man

I don’t understand
how love come down for a man,
how could overcome my sin, and my shame